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Purchase Your Home

Please locate the following documents in support of your mortgage application, and have them on hand:

  • Proof of income - an updated employment letter, two recent paystubs, the latest 2-year T4.
  • Proof of your ability to make a down payment with a 90-day history.
  • Two government IDs, including one photo ID.

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The Four Main Benefits for Refinance Your Mortgage include:

1. One easy monthly payment relieves much pressure from making 7 or 8 debt payments.
2. Tap into the money accrued in your home for making stock, RRSP, or rental property investments.
3. Take out equity from your home to help fund the university education of your beloved children and grandchildren.
4. Prolong your amortization to improve monthly cash flow.

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About 70% of homeowners sending the mortgage renewal forms back to their existing lenders without asking any questions!

Maybe your mortgage needs have changed - this is the time to decide.

This is where an independent mortgage professional like me can offer helpful advice and options to help you get ahead!

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Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgages help homeowners ages 55 years old and above:

1. Pay off your mortgage and personal loans
2. Handle unexpected expenses
3. Help children or grandchildren pay for their education
4. Enjoy a vacation
5. Improve your monthly cash flow.

The beauty of Reverse Mortgages is that you maintain your standard of living, without mortgage payments and selling your home.

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Second or Private Mortgage

Second Mortgages - with Reputable Trusts

A second mortgage gives you easy and convenient access to the equity in your home without having to refinance your current mortgage - saving you thousands-of-dollars in penalties.

Private Mortgages

We have access to private first and second mortgage funds to help you close your property purchase, consolidate your debts, make available of emergency funds, with minimal income proof.

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郭泽文先生,按揭贷款经纪人 CPA MBA MA

服务大多市 27 年:包括 18 年在四大银行,及八年作 Mortgage Broker。

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We funded over 4,000 mortgages in the Greater Toronto Area.
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    Prime Lenders:
    For high-ratio mortgages, your Gross Debts Service (GDS) ratio needs to be within 39.0% and Total Debts Service (TDS) ratio within 44.0%. Your credit score should be over 680.

    Alternate Lenders:
    For conventional (20% or more down payment) mortgages, alternate (or called “B”) lenders offer more flexibility. Please let us guide you.

    For Purchase
    1. Good credit score (650 to 680+) for prime lenders.
    2. Proof of down payment with a 90-day history. 3.Gross Debts Service (GDS) ratio within 39%, and Total Debts Service (TDS) ratio within 44.0%.

    For Refinance or Switching Lenders
    1. Some flexibility if dealing with credit unions, which could have no Stress Test.
    2. Even more flexibility if dealing with alternate “B” lenders.

    The key is to get you approved!
    Talk with us, your Toronto Mortgage Broker!

    Prime Lenders:
    Purchase – 680 and above
    Refinance – 650 and above
    Switch – 650 and above

    Alternate Lenders:
    Can be a much lower credit score

    Fixed Rate Mortgage:
    Pros – Lock in the mortgage rate and monthly mortgage payments; no negative surprises.
    Cons – Beware of a large penalty in breaking the mortgage; lacks flexibility.

    Variable Rate Mortgage:
    Pros – Good for self-employed homebuyers, you can cancel the mortgage anytime with limited penalty.
    Cons – Not the best product in a high inflation with rising interest rates; significant increase in the monthly mortgage payment.

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